aboutGolf 1500 Update Center Series Training Manual

aboutGolf 1500 Update Center Series Training Manual

Page 1 - Update Center 1500 Series Training Manual

aboutGOLF Update Center 

Training Manual

1500 Series - March 2019

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The aboutGOLF Update Center, also known as Greenskeeper, will automatically download new content as it becomes available from aboutGOLF.  This includes new courses, software releases, software updates, games,  documentation and supporting technology.   

How do I install new content?

The update center downloads content quietly in the background.  Once a download has completed, the Update Center will display new installers on the AVAILABLE tab.   

In the example below, a new course, Blackwolf Run Original Championship course and new Club Fitting documentation are available for installation.  Selecting the INSTALL ALL button on the lower right corner of the page, will install all packages with the green checkmark.   Uncheck the green checkmark for installers that you choose to not install.   

Select OK (shown right) to confirm installation and follow the prompts as necessary.  

Caution:  Installing a large number of items such as with a full new series containing game software and multiple courses can take up to an hour to complete.   Individual courses will generally install in a couple minutes.

How will I know new content is available?

Look for the blue aboutGOLF Update Center icon on the icon tray (lower right side of the desktop) when new content is available.

The Update Center icon will be white until new content is available for  installation. Select the icon from the tray to launch the aboutGOLF Update Center and see what is installed and available for installation.

Content available for Installation

Nothing new at the moment

If  the icon (shown above) is not found on the tray, it can be launched from the Windows 10 menu located on the lower left side of the desktop. 

How does Update Center know what to download?

The Update Center automatically downloads installers for assets to which you are entitled based upon your license status.   For example, active subscription holders will be entitled to game software, courses and other installers as they are released.  

If you choose to purchase additional courses, the license will be activated on the aboutGOLF central server and the Update Center will begin the download shortly after the license has been processed as part of the order.

Downloads in the Background

The Update Center uses dynamic load balancing to minimize impact on game play and other use of the sim.   For example, even streaming HD video from the internet will be given sufficient bandwidth to ensure normal performance.

System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 10 - 64 bit

aboutGOLF Release

1400 Series or higher

Internet Connection


Please uninstall aboutGOLF Update Center if the simulator does not have a valid internet connection.  Update Center will issue a repeated chime if it is unable to connect to the Azure cloud for downloads.