aG Private Event Request 1500 Training Manual

aG Private Event Request 1500 Training Manual

Page 1 - aG Private Event 1500 Series Training Manual

Private Event Setup

Training Manual

1500 Series - March 2019

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What is a Private Event?

A Private Event is an online competition available exclusively to members of your Indoor Golf Center.   Online competitions can take the following forms:

  • Closest to the Pin Contest
  • Long Drive Contest
  • Stroke Play Tournament

An event is available as part of your Private Tour found at the Compete  Online menu in any of the simulators at your facility.   

Private Events, and Private Tours, are available to Platinum Software and Services subscription holders. 


How do I request a Private Event?

Step 1

Ensure you have already completed the Platinum Registration process for your Private Tour.

Step 2

Gather your information before going to the Event Request page.   The table in the next section of this document summarizes the information you’ll need along with specifications and guidelines.

Step 3

Go to the website, fill out the form, and submit your information for a Private Event.

Step 4

An aboutGOLF representative will contact you within one business days if there are any questions. 

Step 5

Once the Private Event has been created, it will appear in the golf game under your Private Tour on the Compete  Online page.

How long will it take to setup a Private Event?

Your information will be sent to aboutGOLF immediately after submitting the data entered on the request form.   You will be contacted within one business day if there are any questions regarding your registration.   Registration will take less than two business days, including the registration of your event with each of your simulators and the online aG Data site. 

What information will I need for my Private Event?




Event Information

Company Name

Name of your company.


Event Name

The event name will appear in the Golf Game as well as in the aG Data website and online Leaderboard.

Private Tour Name

This is the Private Tour where your Private Event will appear.  Your Private Tour names are specified during the Platinum Registration. 

Note you may have multiple tours at your facility.  This event will only appear in the one Private Tour you specify here.

Event Start Date

First day of the event.

Event participation can begin on this date.  Central Standard Time.

Event End Date

Last day of the event

This is the last day that participation can occur on this event. Central Standard Time.

Event Image

200 X 100 pixel PNG or JPG image (resolution must be exact)

Event Images are optional.

Displayed in the golf game and on the Compete tab of the aG Data site.

Simple iconic images may provide the best results.

Samples include: 

Event Type

  1. Closest to the Pin
  2. Long Drive
  3. Tournament (Round Play)

Round Play scoring is Stroke Play


Only available if you are creating a Tournament (Round Play).   Closest to the Pin and Long Drive events will not have Rounds specified. 


What information will I need for my Private Event?




Event Information


Only available if you are creating a Tournament (Round Play).   Closest to the Pin and Long Drive events will not have Rounds specified. 


The number of shots for Closest to the Pin or Long Drive contests.  This does not apply to Tournament (Round Play).


Select the course

Note that you must have the course installed and licensed for each simulator in order for that simulator to participate in the event.

Holes to Play

Select only a single hole for Closest to the Pin or Long Drive events.   Tournaments (Round Play) can have 1 to 18 holes selected.

Men’s Tee

Women’s Tee

Pin Location

Each hole has three pin locations.   Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

Allow Mulligans

Gimme Distance

Off, 3, 6, 9, or 12 feet.   

Gimme distance only applies to Tournament (Round Play).  It does not apply to Closest to the Pin or Long Drive events.

Event Description

Your description will appear in the game when the player selects on the Private Event. 

Event Prizes (Optional)


Upload a PNG or JPG image for display as the prize on the aG Data Compete Leaderboards.

Prize Title

Brief Title for the prize

Prize Link/URL

Optional URL for launch of a webpage if the user selects on the image of the prize.

Description of prize

Extended text description of the prize.

Contact Information

Contact Name

Name of the principal contact at your company to facilitate registration.

Contact Email

Contact Phone number

Where will the images appear?

In the Golf Game

Your customers select Compete  Online to see the available Tours.

Available tours will include public tours offered by aboutGOLF as well as your Private Tours.  Your Private Tours will only appear in your simulators.  Each Private tour has one or more private events.  Private events are established by submitting your request on the Event Request Page.   

Table of Contents

Where will the images appear?

On the aG Data website

Your Private Tour and Private events will appear on the Compete page of the aG Data site.  You will have multiple private tours appearing in the panel to the left and each tour will have multiple events summarized in the table appearing to the right.

Selecting a Private Event tab will display the leaderboard and details of that Private event.  Remember, your customer has logged in to this website, so the content is personalized for them.   They will see their specific leaderboard ranking for their events.

Privacy Recommendation for aG Data

As a Platinum Subscription holder, your clients will have exclusive access to the aG Data website complete with your branding and logo.

aboutGOLF strongly recommends disabling the browser feature that offers to save login information.   This should be done on all browsers used on your simulator computers.  aboutGOLF computers come configured with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.   Some simulator owners may have changed the browser preference to other solutions, such as Chrome or Firefox.   

Why is this important?   

Most internet browsers offer the ability to save your id and password when entering via a login screen.   Your customer may inadvertently agree to have their id and password saved.   With a private computer or a private simulator this is considered a convenience.  However, for a public computer where many customers use the browser this can be a privacy risk.  

If your browser saves the login information, a customer with a similar name may see a list of names appear as part of the auto-complete feature.   If they then select one of the previously saved names, the browser will automatically retrieve and auto-fill their password.   Without having to know your password, this person could inadvertently login and have access to your account. 

How do I disable it?

For most browsers, you can disable this feature by going to the Privacy section of your browser Settings, as shown below.

Microsoft Edge

Select Settings  View Advanced Settings and then uncheck the following options: 

Privacy Recommendation for aG Data

Internet Explorer

Select Settings  Internet Options  Content  AutoComplete Settings and then uncheck User names and passwords on forms


Select Settings  Show Advanced Settings

What if I have a question?

Please contact the aboutGOLF Platinum Technical Support line at 419-482-9095.