What's New 1500 Series Training ManualWhat's New 1500 Series Training Manual

What's New 1500 Series Training Manual

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What’s New

Training Manual

1500 Series - March 2019

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

New User Interface

aboutGOLF has a brand new fresh, modern look with in-game style cues that enhance simulator play.

The Player List Screen

In game cues that enhance simulator play

Table of Contents

New Courses

  • Colorado Golf Club - Host Venue 2019 Mid-Amateur Championship
  • Blackwolf Run Championship - aboutGOLF exclusive course
  • Le Golf National L’Albatros - Host Venue 2018 Ryder Cup course

Colorado Golf Club #2

Table of Contents

New Courses

BlackWolf Run Championship #17

Table of Contents

New Courses

Le Golf National L’Albatros #18

Table of Contents

Ryder Cup Venues - Recap

aboutGOLF offers the following Ryder Cup Venues:

Whistling Straits - The Straits - Host Venue 2020

                  aboutGOLF Exclusive 

Le Golf National L’Albatros - Host Venue 2018

Hazeltine National - Host Venue 2016

               aboutGOLF Exclusive

Gleneagles Centenary - Host Venue 2014


Enhanced Course Graphics and Performance 

New graphics have been implemented for enhanced realism on the 1500 Series courses.  Also the time to transition between course holes has been significantly improved. 

Golf National L'Albatros  #13


Enhanced Course Graphics and Performance 

Blackwolf Run Championship Course #1


Enhanced Course Graphics and Performance 

Blackwolf Run  Championship Course #9

Table of Contents

Green Stimp

Set the green speed for round or range play by using the new Green Stimp option.  The default value is 8.5.  You can override the default by going to the Friendly Software\World Tours Golf\aG Simulator folder and updating the value in the StimpMeterDefault.txt file. 

The Course Screen

The Range Golfers Screen 

Table of Contents

Post Shot Data Reorganization

aboutGOLF now offers improved readability on all post shot screens.  The option to select a subset of metrics to display is also available.

Game Round

After taking your shot, select the down arrow button on the post shot menu to display extra data items.   Once you select to display extra data items, they will continue to display for your member until you complete your round.  If you no longer wish to see extra data items, click the up arrow button to close the menu.

To  select which data values to display, click the pencil icon at the top right.  You can select from 0 - 9 data values.  

Table of Contents

Post Shot Data Reorganization

Driving Range

For the driving range, select the data values to display on the post shot screen.  Click the pencil icon at the top right to select from 0 - 9  data values.

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Range Swing Scope Meter

The new Swing Scope Meter has been updated to display an easy to understand graphical representation of your shot’s club and ball behavior.  To enlarge the swing scope, click on it. On the club analysis screen,  click on the Avg/Dev button to turn on/off the average/deviation graph display.

Default View 

Swing Scope Meter Enlarged

Club Analysis View

Avg/Dev graph is On

Table of Contents

Practice Range Filters 

At the Practice Range, the option to filter your clubs by date, club type, and/or venue is now available. 

Compare Shots Screen 

Filter Menu Displayed

Practice Range - Click Filter to display the Filter Menu

Table of Contents

Scramble Play Improvements

Scramble play has been enhanced and now offers the following features:

  • The team size has been increased from 8 to 16 members to support large parties and corporate events.
  • The option to concede a hole during a Scramble game has been added.

Table of Contents

 aG Balance Updated

aG Balance has an improved data visualization screen that offers several new options including:

  • A menu that lists the aG Balance options.   
  • Click the menu button at the bottom left of the screen to display.
  • The option to hide/display the post shot screen. 
  • 9 different window layouts.  
  • Two window layouts include the new swing scope meter.
  • Cop Graph options have been updated.  
  • You can now set the Feet option to display a pressure map (see image below).
  • Force Chart options have been updated.
  • A new Power Bar under the Cop graph shows the weight distribution in a left to right graphic.

Table of Contents

 aG Locker

Access your online locker anywhere - anytime!  Every swing matters to aboutGOLF.  We have perfected the aG Locker to  allow you to track your personal data from any geographic location: at home, via your mobile device, or at an aboutGOLF facility.

aG Lockers app

Download the aG Locker app at the App Store or Google Play, then enter your username and password to view  your personal locker.  Use the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to display shot data, lessons/swing videos, online events and rounds uploaded during your aboutGOLF  session.  

To create a new member on your mobile device, choose Sign Up at the login screen. To login in an existing member, choose Sim Login then scan your member’s code at any participating aboutGOLF facility to login.

            Create a New Member                                          Choose Sim Login to login 

Table of Contents

aG Locker

aG Data Website

Scorecards and statistics are now available for incomplete Stroke play rounds.  

  • Open a browser and enter this URL: http://agdata.aboutgolf.com.
  • Enter your online member’s username and password.
  • Click Login.
  • Choose the Rounds tab to view both complete and incomplete Stroke round information.

Table of Contents

 aG Sim Setup Updates

aG Sim Setup now offers the option to turn shot ribbons on for round play and to set practice range defaults.

Custom Settings

To turn on shot ribbons for a game round:

  • Start aG Sim Setup and select the Custom Settings button at the left.
  • Under the Custom View Settings section, find the Shot Ribbon Visibility option.
  • Click On. 
  • Next start your game round and take a shot.
  • At the round Post Shot screen, select Replay.
  • Choose the Ball Trail option and click On.  
  • Shot ribbons will now display for shots taken during your game round.

Table of Contents

aG Sim Setup Updates

Practice Defaults

To set practice range defaults:

  • Start aG Sim Setup and select the Practice Defaults button at the left.
  • You can set the following options for your range sessions:
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Ground Conditions
  • Sky Conditions
  • Wind Meter Visibility
  • Auto Continue Timer
  • Time of Day